Mediation for Children

How Mediation Can Help Your Child…

In the past this process has proved to have been incredibly helpful in assisting families who are in high conflict and disagreement over contact arrangements and in situations where parents have different perceptions of situations.

We have received much feedback assuring us that children find it extremely helpful to have an input in the mediation process offering them the chance to talk to in confidence.

It is common for children to feel unwilling to burden their parents with their own worries or concerns.

They often express concerns about feeling alone and feeling abandoned from the arrangements that may take place between Solicitors, Mediators and parents. Direct consultation helps redress this imbalance and include children who will also be affected by changes.

The process of child consultation is dealt with very sensitively by specially trained and experienced mediators

  • They will adapt the meetings to the individual needs of the children and their ages
  • In addition the process will ensure that both parents understand exactly how the process works and the confidentiality of the process
  • Parents may not be told what the child will discuss with the mediator if the child should wish that conversation to remain confidential

Direct consultation with the consent of parents makes it possible for mediators to consult directly with their children. Both children and parents understand the consultation will be private and confidential between the mediator and the children, unless the children decide otherwise.

This often empowers children; by entitling them to have a voice in the mediation helping them to accept the decisions being made.

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